Zoe Saldana: Sci-Fi Queen!

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Hey you guys. Thank you to @AlexAllTimeLow for the nomination. Check out my #ALSIceBucketChallenge. I nominate @greggsulkin @pascalispunk and @justincampbellphotography you have 24 hours (x)

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So, I run down and I’m like, “Are you okay?!” and she’s like, “I’m fine, I’m fine! Look in the closet!” I look in the closet, I look here, I’m running around looking everywhere and there’s no one there. “Lock the door! Make sure the door is locked!” Okay, I lock the door and I left and then I realised that’s kinda like Cam [his character in Infinitely Polar Bear]. He takes care of like, the emergency but doesn’t get to sleep with her. But that was an icebreaker, because we didn’t really know each other. [x]

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When he was no more than sixteen, Prince Oberyn had been found abed with the paramour of old Lord Yronwood, a huge man of fierce repute and short temper. A duel ensued, though in view of the prince’s youth and high birth, it was only to first blood. Both men took cuts, and honor was satisfied. Yet Prince Oberyn soon recovered, while Lord Yronwood’s wounds festered and killed him. Afterward men whispered that Oberyn had fought with a poisoned sword, and ever thereafter friends and foes alike called him the Red Viper.

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He’s impossible to read.

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The wedges aren’t very practical. [x]

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It gives me immense pleasure knowing that Outlander, a series about a time traveller who meets and falls in love with a hunky 18th century Scot named Jamie, is based on this: 


Frazer Hines is actually getting a role in that.

I know, that’s how I first found out about it 

Winter Soldier  x  Falcon

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